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Comfortable Interior Of The House In The Vladimir Region


So that you want some new updates regarding interior design trends? Well, for this post, you’re extremely lucky since we’re going to display some tasteful interior designs. This moment we discuss about this fabulous home in Vladimir area. The home interior design promises elegant and comfortable situation that’ll inspire you any day. Have a closer look and find more information regarding this stylish home in our images below. Elegance in Each Room Interior

The opening picture below reveals the stunning living room space. It’s a high ceiling style with stunning wood log construction. The wood wood walls leave the living room warm but still seem tasteful. The decorative items like artificial fruits and vases are placed in strategic places to bring the decoration into life. The wood wall brings the traditional appeal.

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The vaulted ceiling also provides brilliant wood elements. In front of the mattress, the place is place for a small bedroom office using a brownish built in table and a unique office chair. What’s more, the existence of track lights around the ceiling makes this tasteful bedroom so striking at night.

The gleaming dining room is much more tasteful. Since the center of this focus, the owner put a stunning dining table with artistic gold ft and glistening glass top. Combined with this are a few beige leather dining chairs using modern lines and smooth surface. Above the dining place you visit crystalline pendant lights in gold which are only compatible using the table. Not far from the dining table is your modern kitchenette.

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This small kitchen provides us sleek cabinetry with functional storage and fantastic lighting. The cabinet also boosts strong honed granite countertop with tasteful black tone.
Moving on to another room, we’re shown a simple but tasteful bathroom. The wooden wall style provides warmth to the interior. In a different part of the bathroom, you are able to relax to a fancy fall in bathtub illuminated with blue led lights.



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